How to use DO?

How to use DO?

Do + (I, we, you, they) + verb?

We shall use DO in the present tense. We use DO for habitual actions and for planned actions in the future.

Question Forms :

Do + I + verb?
Do + we + verb?
Do + you + verb?
Do + they + verb?

1. Do you go to market?
2. Do you begin?
3. Do you bind your books?
4. Do you bring a chair?
5. Do you buy vegetables here?
6. Do you drink tea?
7. Do you come with me?
8. Do you sell apples?
9. Do you sleep here?
10. Do you swim in the river?
11. Do you know him?
12. Do you work hard?
13. Do you play cricket?
14. Do you teach English?
15. Do you advise your brother?
16. Do you hate him?
17. Do you like him?
18. Do you continue your studies?
19. Do you meet your teacher?
20. Do you go to library?
21. Do you act in this drama?
22. Do you prepare notes?
23. Do you help me?
24 Do they go to the playground?
23. Do they complete the work?
26. Do you accept my statement?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. I + verb.
Yes. We + verb.
Yes. They + verb.
Yes. You + verb.

Yes. I go to market.
Yes. I begin.
Yes. I bind my books.
Yes. I bring a chair.
Yes. I buy vegetable here.
Yes. I drink tea.
Yes, I come with you.
Yes. I sell apples.
Yes. I sleep here.
Yes. I swim in the river.
Yes. I know him.
Yes. I work hard.
Yes. I play cricket.
Yes. I teach English.
Yes. I advise my brother.
Yes. I hate him.
Yes. I like him.
Yes. I continue my studies.
Yes. I meet my teacher.
Yes. I go to library.
Yes. I act in this drama.
Yes. I prepare note.
Yes. I help you.
Yes. They go to the playground.
Yes. They complete the work.
Yes. I accept your statements.

Negative Answers :

No. I + do + not + verb.
No. We + do + not + verb.
No. They + do + not + verb.
No. You + do + not + verb.

No. I do nor go to market. No. I do not begin.
No. I do not bind my boots.
No. I do not bring a chair.
No. I do not vegetable here.
No. I do not drink tea.
No. I do not come with you.
No. I do not sell apples.
No. I do not sleep here.
No. I do not swim in the river.
No. I do not know him.
No. I do not work hard.
No. I do not play cricket.
No. I do not teach English.
No. I do not advise my brother.
No. I do nut hate him.
No. I do not like him.
No. I do not continue my studies.
No. I do not meet my teacher.
No. I do not go to library.
No. I do not act in this drama.
No. I do not prepare notes.
No. I do not help you.
No. they do not go to the playground.
No. they do not complete the work.
No. I do net accept your statements.

How to use DO?


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