How to use DOES?

How to use DOES?

Does + (he, she, it, Ram, Sita, India) + verb?

We shall use DOES in the present tense for the third-person singular nouns / pronouns.

We use DOES for habitual actions and for planned actions in the future.

Question Forms :

Does + he + verb?
Does + she + verb?
Does + it + verb?
Does + Ram + verb?
Does + Sita + verb?
Does + India + verb?

Does he begin the work?
Does he bind the books?
Does he bring the file?
Does he come here?
Does he draw a picture?
Does he give a story book?
Does she make dolls?
Does she meet you every day?
Does she invite your sister?
Does she send a parcel?
Does she sit on the chair?
Does Mala bring a chair?
Does Prabhu give you a gift?
Does the bus come at 2 o'clock?
Does the train stop at Manali?
Does the dog bark at you?
Does Raj sing many songs?
Does Meera take your camera?
Does Hema go to temple every day?
Does Ravi attend the party?
Does Sita come here to see you?
Does Ganesh learn Hindi regularly?
Does the teacher give home work?
Does the doctor visit here every week?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. + He + verb + s.
Yes. + She + verb + s.
Yes. + It + verb + s.
Yes. + Ram + verb + s.
Yes. + Sita + verb + s.
Yes. + India + verb + s.

Yes. He begins the work.
Yes. He binds the books.
Yes. He brings the file.
Yes. He comes here.
Yes. He draws a picture.
Yes. He gives a story book.
Yes. She makes dolls.
Yes. She meets me every day.
Yes. She invites my sister.
Yes. She sends a parcel.
Yes. She sits on the chair.
Yes. Mala brings a chair.
Yes. Prabhu gives me a gift.
Yes. The bus comes at 2 o'clock.
Yes. The train stops in Manali.
Yes. The dog barks at me.
Yes. Raj sings many songs.
Yes. Meera takes my camera.
Yes. Hemi goes to temple every day.
Yes. Ravi attends the party.
Yes. Sita comes here to see me.
Yes. Ganesh learns Hindi regularly.
Yes. The teacher gives home work.
Yes. The doctor visits here every week.

Negative Answers :

No. + He + does + not + verb.
No. + She + does + not + verb.
No. + It + does + not + verb.
No. + Ram + does + not + verb.
No. + Sita + does + not + verb.
No. + India + does + not + verb.

No. He does not begin the work.
No. He does not bind the books.
No. He does not bring the file.
No. He does not come here.
No. He does not draw a picture.
No. He does not give a story book.
No. She does not make dolls.
No. She does not meet me everyday.
No. She does not invite my sister.
No. She does not send a parcel.
No. She does not sit on the chair.
No. Mala does not bring a chair.
No. Prabhu does not give me a gift.
No. The bus does not come at 2o'clock.
No. The train does not stop in Manali.
No. The dog does not bark at me.
No. Raj does not sing many songs.
No. Meera does not take my camera.
No. Hema does not go to temple every day.
No. Ravi does not attend the party.
No. Sita does not come here to see me.
No. Ganesh does not learn Hindi regularly.
No. The teacher does not give home work.
No. The doctor does not visit here every week.

How to use DOES?

How to use DOES?


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