How to use HAD?

How to use HAD?

HAD is used to form Past Perfect Tense when two actions happened in the past…to denote the first action, we use HAD.

Had you come to the conclusion?
Had you believed this ?
Had you taken the decision?
Had they divided?
Had it worked out well?
Had you arrived here?
Had I locked the door?
Had you written well?
Had she insulted you?
Had you learnt well?
Had you written?
Had you read the novel?
Had you prepared well?
Had you arrived?
Had you finished?
Had he completed this project?
Had he proposed?
Had he shut the door?
Had he typed the letter?
Had he been angry?
Had she succeeded?
Had she passed?
Had she narrated the story?
Had she won the title?
Had she eaten?
Had they left the hall?
Had they won the match?
Had they met before?
Had they read the poem?
Had she attended the function?

No. He hadn't been angry.
No. He hadn't typed the letter.
No. I hadn't arrived.
No. I hadn't finished.
No. It hadn't worked.
No. She hadn't eaten.
No. She hadn't insulted me.
No. She hadn't won the title.
No. They hadn't divided.
No. They hadn't met before.
Yes. He had completed this project.
Yes. He had proposed.
Yes. He had shut the door.
Yes. I had believed that.
Yes. I had arrived.
Yes. I had come to conclusion.
Yes. I had learnt well.
Yes. I had locked.
Yes. I had prepared well.
Yes. I had read the novel.
Yes. I had taken decision.
Yes. I had written well.
Yes. I had written the IAS preliminary.
Yes. She had attended the function.
Yes. She had passed.
Yes. She had succeeded.
Yes. She narrated the story.
Yes. They had left the hall.
Yes. They had read the poem.
Yes. They won the match.

How to use HAD?


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