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How to use MAY?

How to use MAY?

MAY is used to ask for the permission and probability.

May I come in?
May it be true?
May we come?
May he present?
May he become cure?
May it rain?
May we go?
May they arrive?
May they reach?
May I talk to you?
May I leave?
May I go now?
May I join with you?
May I ask you a thing?
May you permit me?
May I clarity a doubt?
May he be trustful?
May he believe you?
May she write?
May it be reasonable?
May you allow me?
May I read now?
May she send the message?
May we raise up?
May we cheer up?
May they invite you?
May they complete the work?
May they type?
May they study well?
May they start their journey?

Yes. You may come. Yes. It may be.
Yes. You may come.
Yes. He may present.
Yes. He may become cure.
Yes. It may rain.
Yes. We may go.
No. They may not arrive.
No. They may not reach.
Yes. You may talk with me.
Yes. You may leave.
No. You may not go now.
Yes. You may join with me.
Yes. You may ask me a thing.
Yes. I may permit you.
Yes. You may clarify a doubt.
Yes. He may be trustful.
Yes. He may believe me.
Yes. She may write.
Yes. It may be reasonable.
Yes. I may allow you.
Yes. You may read now.
Yes. She may send the message.
Yes. You may raise up.
Yes. You may cheer up.
Yes. They may invite me.
No. They may not complete the work.
No. They may not type.
No. They may not study well.
No. They may not start their journey.

How to use MAY?


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