How to use WAS?

How to use WAS? :

Is + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb + ing?

IS used to form Past Continuous Tenses. They are used in the Passive Voice.

Question Forms :

Was + He + adjective or adverb?
Was + She + adjective or adverb?
Was + It + adjective or adverb?
Was + Ram + adjective or adverb?
Was + Sita + adjective or adverb?

1. Was he sincere in the work?
2. Was he affectionate ?
3. Was he loyal to the authorities?
4. Was he serious about the arrangement?
5. Was he the first in the race?
6. Was he absent yesterday?
7. Was he generous?
8. Was she bad to the workers?
9. Was she ready?
10. Was she happy with your suggestions?
11. Was it difficult for him?
12. Was it loyal?
13. Was it true?
14. Was it easy?
15. Was Ram present yesterday?
16. Was he in your room yesterday?
17. Was she there?
18. Was it hot yesterday?
19. Was she angry?
20. Was she happy?
21. Was she sad?
22. Was she clever?
23. Was she stupid?
24. Was it feasible?
25. Was it good?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. He + was + verb + ing.
Yes. She + was + verb + ing.
Yes. It + was + verb + ing.
Yes. Ram + was + verb + ing.
Yes. Site + was + verb + ing.

Yes. He was sincere in his work.
Yes. He was affectionate.
Yes. He was loyal to the authorities.
Yes. He was serious about the arrangement.
Yes. He was the first in the race.
Yes. He was not absent yesterday.
Yes, he was generous.
Ycs. She was kind to the workers.
Yes. He was ready.
Yes. She was happy with my suggestions.
Yea. It was difficult for him.
Yes. It was loyal.
Yes. It was true.
Yes. It was easy.
Yes. Ram was present yesterday.
Yes. He was in my room yesterday.
Yes. She was there.
Yes. It was hot yesterday.
Yea. She was angry.
Yes. She was happy.
Yes. She was sad.
Yes. She was clever.
Yes. She was stupid.
Yes. It was feasible.
Yes. It was good.

Negative Answers :

No. He + was + not + verb + ing.
No. She + was + verb + ing.
No. It + was + not + verb + ing.
No. Ram + was + not + verb + ing.
No. Site + was + not + verb + ing.

No. He was not sincere to the work.
No. He was not affectionate.
No. He was not loyal to the authorities.
No. He was not serious about the arrangement.
No. He was not the first in the race.
No. He was not absent yesterday.
No. He was not generous.
No. She was not kind to the workers.
No. She was not ready.
No. She was not happy with my suggestions.
No. It was not difficult for him.
No. It was not loyal.
No. It was not true.
No. It was not easy.
No. Ram was not present yesterday.
No. He was not in ray room yesterday.
No. She was not there.
No. It was not hot yesterday.
No. She was not angry.
No. She was not happy.
No. She was not sad.
No. She was not clever.
No. She was not stupid.
No. H was not feasible.
No. It was not good.

How to use WAS?

How to use WAS? :


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