This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix IC which means NATURE OF & LIKE. Now, just to check are you sure that you are saying IC and not just having a hiccough? In the word hiccough the IC is not at the end and has no value at all. Since IC is so simple, I’ll add the Suffixes AL and LY. You will now have a compound Suffix ICALLY. It can be added to practICALLY every adjective and then it becomes an adverb as: acidICALLY, geologically, heroICALLY, majestICALLY, etc.

1. Endemic : endem IC (en dem’ ik) adj.

Native to a particular people or country

2. Barbaric : barbar IC (bar bar’ ik) adj.

Like a barbarian

3. Caustic : caust IC (kaw’ stik) adj.

Characterized y burning, sharpness

4. Acidic : acid IC (a sid; ik) adj.

Like an acid

5. Geologic : geolog IC (jee o loj’ ik) adj.

Relating to geology

6. Metallic : metal IC (me tal’ ik) adj.

Like metal

7. Drastic : drast IC (dras’ tik) adj.

Relating to rapid action

8. Heroic : hero IC (he roe’ ik) adj.

Like a hero

9. Majestic : majest IC (ma jes; tik) adj.

Like royalty

10. Galactic : galact IC (ga lak’ tik) adj.

Relating to the galaxy

11. Metaphoric : metaphor IC (met a for’ ik) adj.

Like a metaphor, a figure if speech

12. Prosaic : prosa IC (pro zay’ ik) adj.

Related to the prose form; common place dull

13. Poetic : poet IC (poe et’ ik) adj.

Relating to poets or poetry

14. Patriotic : patriot IC (pay tree ot’ ik) adj.

Characterized by love of one’s country

15. Semitic : Semit IC (se mit’ ik) adj.

Relating t

o the Semites

16. Strategic : strateg IC (stra tee’ jik) adj.

Relating to planning for defense

17. Satanic : satan IC (sa tan’ ik) adj.

Like Satan; devilish

18. Tragic : trag IC (traj’ ik) adj.

Like a tragedy; calamity

19. Emphatic : emphat IC (em fat’ ik) adj.

Characterized by strong expression

20. Realistic : realist IC (ree a lis’ tik) adj.

Like reality; like life as it is

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