in the clear

in the clear

no longer in danger or suspected of something

with nothing to hinder someone in achieving something

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clear the air

defuse or clarify an angry, tense or confused situation by frank discussion.

This expression comes from the idea that a thunderstorm makes the air less humid.

clear as a bell

perfectly clear

perfectly sound

1993 - Independent - We spent a few thousand on redecoration, but basically the place was sound as a bell.

as clear as day

very easy to see or understand

clear as mud

not at all easy to understand - Informal

clear the decks

prepare for a particular event or goal by dealing beforehand with anything that might hinder progress.

In the literal sense, clear the decks meant to remove obstacles or unwanted items from the decks of a ship before a battle at sea.

in clear

not in code

1966 - Robert Sheckley - Mindswap - Thus, he cross circuited his fear of embarrassment and spoke to his oldest friend in clear.

out of a clear blue sky = out of a clear sky

as a complete surprise

1992 - New Yorker - The latest revelations about the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales may have induced disbelief, but they did not come out of a clear blue sky.

in the clear :

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