ROOT-WORD is the Suffix INE. It is used in giving names in chemistry (chlorine) and in Botany (columbine). It makes adjectives giving the NATURE OF, feminine& masculine. There are two ways of pronouncing INE: either INE to rhyme with wine or IN to rhyme with win. Be careful!

1. Columbine : columb INE (kol’ um bine) n.

A plant

2. Divine : div INE (di vine’) adj.

Godly; of the nature of God

3. Elephantine : elephant INE (el e fan’ teen) adj.

Of the nature of an elephant; ponderous

4. Feminine : femin INE (fem’ i nin) adj.

Of the nature of a woman

5. Genuine : genu INE (jen’ yu in) adj.

Natural; free from artificiality

6. Masculine : mascul INE (mas’ kyu lin) adj.

Of the nature of a man

7. Medicine : medi INE (med’ i sin) n.

The science and art dealing with cure of disease

8. Pristine : prist INE (pris’ teen) adj.

The first; primary; new

9. Calcine : calc INE (kal sine) v.

Reduce to a powder

10. Routine : rout INE (ru teen’) adj.

According to the regular schedule of work

11. Saccharine : sacchar INE (sak’ a rin) adj.

Of the nature of sugar; as, a saccharine taste

12. Saline : sal INE (say’ leen) adj.

Consisting of salt; as, a saline solution

13. Saturnine : Saturn INE (sat’ ur nine) adj.

Of the nature of the planet Saturn; gloomy; grave melancholy

14. Serpentine : serpent INE (ser; pen teen) adj.

Winding sinuously, like a snake

15. Calcarine : calcar INE (kal; kar in) adj.

Shaped like a spur

16. Chlorine : chlor INE (klore’ een) n.

A greenish yellow gas of a suffocating odor

17. Turbine : turb INE (tur’ bin) n.

A powerful rotary engine

18. Turpentine : turpent INE (tur’ pen tine) n.

A resinous fluid; sap from the terebinth tree

19. Wolverine : wolver INE (wol’ ver een) adj.


20. Supine : sup INE (sue pine’) adj.

Lying on the back; recumbent

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