ROOT-WORD is the Prefix INTER which means BETWEEN & AMONG. It is a very much needed ROOT-WORD, very social-minded and minding other people’s business. It always comes INTER & BETWEEN, this thing and that, this person and that. Watch the spelling and the pronunciation. Don’t say it carelessly because there are two other ROOT-WORDS which are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings. You must be prepared to understand the distinction between them.

1. Interaction : INTER action (int e rak’ shun) n.

Action for mutual advantage

2. Interaxillary : INTER axillary (in ter ak’ si lar i ) adj.

Coming between two axils of leaves

3. Interborough : INTER borough (in’ ter bur o) adj.

Operating between boroughs

4. Intercede : INTER cede (int er sede’) v.

To act between two parties in order to restore friendship

5. Interdependent : INTER dependent (in ter do pen’ dent) adj.

Dependent, each one upon the other

6. Interdict : INTER dict (in’ ter dikt) v.

To forbid; as, to interdict trade with certain nations

7. Intercept : INTER (cept (in ter sept’) v.

To take between sending and delivery; as, intercept a letter

8. Interciliary : INTER cept (in ter sept’) v.

Between the eyebrows

9. Intercostals : INTER costal (int er kost’ al) adj.

Between the ribs

10. Intercourse : INTER course (int’ er kors) n.

Correspondence or trade between or among people

11. Interfaith : INTER faith (int’ er fathe) n.

Involving persons of various religions

12. Interfere : INTER fere (int er fere’) v.

To enter into the concerns of others; to clash; to meddle

13. Interfoliate : INTER foliate (in ter foe’ li ate)

Put leaves between pages in books

14. Interject : INTER ject (in er jekt’) v.

Throw between or among; as, interject humorous remarks

15. Interlude : INTER lude (int’ er lude) n.

A period between; as, a short play between the acts of a long one

16. Interpose : INTER pose (int er poze’) v.

To place between; to intrude

17. Interpolate : INTER polate (in ter’ po late) v.

To insert; as, to put into a book matter which changes the purpose of the author

18. Interstate : INTER state (int er state’) adj.

Between states; as, interstate commerce

19. Intervene : INTER vene (int er vene’) v.

Come between; interfere

20. Intervention : INTER vention (in ter ven’ chun) n.

The act of coming between; interference

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