Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative Sentence :

There are four kinds of sentences.

1). Declarative Sentence

A declarative sentence makes a statement.

1. Richard is feeding the hens.

2. The children are swimming.

3. The telephone rang.

4. Everyone sat down.

5. There are not in Chicago.

6. He is a student of this college.

7. It is not worth USD $ 250.

8. My computer is of best quality.

9. You are penalized for your lack of interest.

10. She is not a good manager...but a good singer.

2). Interrogative Sentence

An interrogative sentence asks a question.

1. What is Richard doing?

2. Where are the twins?

3. Are you going shopping today?

4. What is your name?

5. Where did you buy this pen?

6. What is your name?

7. How did you come to this town?

8. Are you ready to pack off?

9. Should I come with you?

10. Can not you do it yourself?

11. Why did not you come to college today?

3). Exclamatory Sentence

This type of sentence expresses strong emotion.

1. What lovely weather!

2. The silly girl!

3. How stupid I am!

4. Oh! My god!

5. What awful weather!

6. What a surprise!

7. What a nice evening!

8. What a pleasant surprise!

9. What treachery!

10. What awful weather!

11. How noble of him to do that!

12. How clever of you!

13. How kind of him to help the poor man!

14. It was kind of him to help the poor man!

15. How thoughtless of him not to have locked the car!

16. It was thoughtless of him not to have locked the car.

17. What a beautiful girl she is!

4). Imperative Sentence

This type of sentence gives an order.

1. Please sit down.

2. Tell me the truth.

3. Speak up!

4. Come back!

5. Complete this project before 10th March.

6. Typewrite your coverletter.

7. Choose your shirt from the best of breed.

8. Enjoy some fresh strawberries.

9. Give me a few weeks to make up my mind.

10. Feel free to text me later.

11. Don't eat my strawberries.

12. Don't wait for my answer.

13. Don't text me.

14. Take me out to the ballgame, won't you?

15. Will you go to the ballgame with me?

16. Park in the lot nearby, will you?

17. Do not watch movies online free.

Interrogative Sentence :

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