ROOT-WORD is the Suffix IZE which means to MAKE. There are hundreds of words in the language with this suffix. It is very satisfying to take a word and change it into a verb by adding IZE. Here’s something interesting! You can take most verbs on the list and change them to nouns by adding TION - act - of - to IZE, and have IZATION, a compound Suffix, acclimatIZATION, cauterIZATION, familiarIZATION, glamorIZATION, liberalIZATION, mesmerIZATION, etc. And here’s a long one: sentimentalIZATION.

1. Acclimatize : acclimate IZA (a kile’ ma tize) v.

To adapt to new conditions, as of soil

2. Cauterize : cauter IZA (kaaut’ e rize) v.

To sear with a hot iron

3. Emphasize : emphas IZE (em’ fa size) v.

To make important by putting stress upon

4. Familiarize : familiar IZF (fam mil’ ye rize) v.

To make well-known

5. Pasteurize : Pasteur IZE (pas’ che rize) v.

To treat foods by Pasteur’s method

6. Liberalize : liberal IZE (lib’ e ra lize) v.

To make free from narrow-mindedness

7. Mesmerize : mesmer IZE (mez’ me rize) v.

To subject to hypnosis

8. Notarize : notar IZE (note’ a rize) v.

To make legal by signing before a notary

9. Idolize : idol IZE (ide’ ol ize) v.

To treat like an idol

10. Ostracize : osstrac IZE (os’ tra size) v.

To banish from society; to shun

11. Pauperize : pauper IZE (pau’ pe rize) v.

To make very poor

12. Penalize : penal IZE (peen’ al ize) v.

To subject to punishment

13. Publicize : public IZE (pub’ li size) v.

To make the public aware of

14. Scrutinize : scrutiny IZE (skrute’ in ize) v.

To subject to close examination

15. Fertilize : fertile IZE (fert’ il ize) v.

To treat with enriching chemicals; to make fruitful

16. Centralize : central IZE (sen’ tra lize) v.

To make into one system, under one control

17. Decentralize : decentral IZE (dee sen’ tra lize) v.

To cause to withdraw from the center; to divide authority

18. Slenderize : slender IZE (slen’ de rize) v.

To make slender; to make thinner

19. Memorize : memor IZE (mem’ o rize) v.

To make firm in the mind

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