joie de vivre

How do you pronounce 'joie de vivre'? What is its meaning?

The ``j'' is pronounced like the ``s'' in ``pleasure'', ``measure'', and ``treasure''. The next sound is like the ``w'' in ``wet'', ``web'', and ``wed''. The final sound in ``joie'' is like the ``a'' in ``path'', ``bath'' and ``ask'' - the way these words are pronounced in British English. The ``e'' in the second word ``de'' sounds like the ``a'' in ``China''. The ``i'' in ``vivre'' is like the ``ee'' in ``meet'', ``see'', and ``bee''. The final ``e'' is once again like the ``a'' in ``China''. The main stress is on the first syllable of ``vivre''.

And what does the word mean? It is a French expression which means ``joy of living''.

Here are a few examples.

* For a woman who is nearly 90, she is full of joie de vivre.

* The students were filled with joie de vivre.

* Sonya's joie de vivre was the envy of many of her colleagues.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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