lav, lot, lut & laut

ROOT-WORDS are LAV, LUT, LAUT & LOT meaning WASH. They come from lavare, to wash. The LAUT has become the Laun that is in LAUNdry. Louis XV, the French king, said, “After me the deluge," and this French expression brought the French word for flood into English. Thus instead of a v, we have the j sound.

1. Lavabo : LAV abo (la vab’ bo) n.

A wash basin fastened to a wall

2. Lavadero : LAV adero (la va de’ ro) n.

Part of a stream used to wash gold from placers

3. Lavage : LAV age (la vazh’) n.

Washing out of an organ

4. Lavandera : LAV andera (la van day’ ra) n.

Washerwoman; laundress

5. Lavatory : LAV atory (lav’ a tore ee) n.

A place where one can wash

6. Lavish : LAV ish (lav’ ish) adj.

Flowing like water; luxurious

7. Lavisher : LAV isher (lav’ is her) n.

One who spends money and gives gifts freely

8. Laundry : LAU ndry (laun’ dree) n.

Clothes to be washed; a place were washing is done

9. Laundress : LAU ndress (laun’ dres) n.

A woman who washes cloths

10. Launder : LAU nder (laun’ der) v.

To wash and iron clothes

11. Lotion : LOT ion (lo’ shun) n.

A soothing fluid; emollient; as, hand lotion

12. Lotic : LOT ic (lote’ ik) adj.

Living in rapidly moving waves and currents

13. Deluge : de LUG e (del’ yuje) n.

An uncontrolled mass of flowing water; a flood

14. Diluvial : di LUV ial (di lue’ vee al) adj.

Relating to a flood

15. Diluvium : di LUV ium (di lue’ vi um) n.

A drift; supposed to be the result of flood

16. Dilute : di LUT e (die’ lute) v.

To make a liquid thinner and weaker

17. Dilutent : di LUT ent (di lute’ ent) n.

A thinning agent; that which dilutes

18. Dilution : di LUT ion (die lue’ shun) n.

State of being diluted

19. Diluter : di LUT er (die lute’ er) n.

One who or that which dilutes

20. Ablution : ab LUT ion (a blue’ shun) n.

A washing away; a cleansing

21. Ablutionary : ab LUT ionary (a blue’ shu nar ee) adj.

Relating to ablution

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