Leaves for Trees

Leaves for Trees :

It happened long, long, long time ago when there used to be no leaves on the trees. The humans, birds and the other creatures used to see the trees with no leaves. The creatures and things had grown habits according to that situation. During the hot summer days people made some arrangements to get relief from the heat because the trees could not provide cool shade without leaves. During winters the creatures lived inside holes because the bare trees could not stop the ice cold winds outside.

Once, it was a very hot summer. The humans and all creatures suffered from heat. The water was drying up. The ponds and lakes were turning into mud paste.

The animals of the village held a meeting and decide to request to the king to get the trees covered with something to make them shady to provide relief from the heat. So, some elephants, deers, lions and bulls went to the king and pleaded ‘King! This time the heat has made our life difficult. To make matters worse the water is scarce. Please do something to provide us shades '

The king asked a minister to cover the trees with tarpaulins to provide shades to the creatures and to supply some water.

The minister went to the jungle and got a few trees covered by tarpaulins. It provided some relief. All the animals could not take shelter under those few trees. So they took turns to use the tree shades.

The minister saw that the shades had made the animals happy and they had forgotten about the water So. he returned quietly.

When the humans learnt about the shading of the trees for the animals, they also went to the king. They requested the king to shade the trees for them also and make the water available. The king asked the same minister to do the needful.

The minister again got two or three trees covered in the same way and returned to get busy in other works.

The humans were not peaceful like other animals. They started fighting among themselves to get under the shady trees. When the fightings became very serious the king was informed about it. The king asked the concerned minister," Dear Minister…Why are our people so unhappy? It is very bad. You must do something about it."

The minister said, 'Sir I suggest that instead of covering the trees with tarpaulins, it would be a better idea if we glue leaves on the branches of the trees. It will give shades and the air will also pass through to make surroundings cooler. It will give more relief to the people.'

The king agreed…. “Alright Get the leaves glued.'

The minister spoke. ‘Sir, the trees will look beautiful if we glue the leaves of the same size and shape. We shall need some craftsmen. The king ordered to employ some craftsmen. While they began crafting leaves, the minister got some wells sunk. Then, the minister began gluing the leaves on the branches with the help of those craftsmen. The gluing and preparing leaves of the same size and design was taking quite some time The people suffering from the heat were complaining about the delay.

A village headman said. 'Minister Sir those craftsmen of yours are very slow. They can't put leaves on even one tree in a whole day, We will die of heat.’

The minister reasoned, 'Look! Every work takes time. If you are so impatient…why don't you help us’’

The headman replied…'We will. The whole population is ready to do the task. But they can’t make leaves of the same design. There will be hundreds of shapes and designs made by different people groups ’

The minister agreed, 'It does not matter. The important thing is that the job is to be done as soon as possible."

Now, all people got busy in cutting leave shapes and gluing them to branches. The animals saw it and they too started doing the same. Soon, the most of the trees looked laden with leaves. While gluing, many leaves fell down and spread over the ground under. All looked happy. The trees were covered with leaves. Sitting under the shades of the trees had become a joy for everyone. The humans were happy. And so were the animals. The birds sang with joy. The leaving of the trees resulted in rains too.

Thus, the trees began growing different kinds of leaves providing comforting shades and cool breeze to all creatures.

Leaves for Trees :

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