This ROOT-WORD is LEG meaning LAW from the Latin lex & legis. An odd thing is that lex is used only in Latin phrases, like lex mercatorum - Commercial Law. In the list all the words are with LEG and LEGIS. Please note No. 8, a verb, with the accent on the 2nd syllable. No. 7 is a noun and accent is one the first syllable. Notice No. 20, where il is an assimilated in before legal. For the sake of euphony, remember?

1. Legal : LEG al (lee’ gal) adj.

Lawful; according to law; as, legal holiday

2. Legalism : LEG alism (lee’ gal iz um) n.

Strict adherence to the law

3. Legalistic : LEG alistic (lee ga lis’ tik) adj.

Strictly according to law

4. Legality : LEG ality (le gal; it ee) n.

The quality of being strictly legal

5. Legalize : LEG alize (lee’ ga lize) v.

Make lawful; as, legalize citizenship

6. Legacy : LEG acy (leg’ a see) n.

A gift of property left by will; an inheritance

7. Legate : LEG ate (leg’ at) n.

A delegate; an official messenger; an ambassador

8. Legate : LEG ate (le gat’) v.

To bequeath a legacy

9. Legatee : LEG atee (leg a tee’) n.

The one to whom a legacy is bequeathed

10. Legator : LEG ator (le gate’ or) n.

One who bequeaths the legacy

11. Legist : LEG ist (le’ jist) n.

One skilled in law; jurist

12. Legislate : LEG islate (lej’ i slate) v.

To enact a lay; to cause to become a law

13. Legislative : LEG islative (lej’ i slate iv) adj.

Having the power to make a law; as, legislative assembly

14. Legislature : LEG islature (lej’ i slay chur) n.

A body of persons who can make laws

15. Legislator : LEG isolator (lej; i slate or) n.

A member of the legislature

16. Legislatress : LEG islatress (lej i slay’ tres) n.

A female member of the legislature

17. Legislation : LEG islation (lej i slay’ shun) n.

The enactment of law by the legislature

18. Legitimate : LEG itimate (le jit’ i mat) adj.

Legal; according to the law; as, legitimate business

19. Legitimize : LEG itemize (le jit’ i mize) v.

Make legal

20. Illegal : il LEG al (il ee’ gal) adj.

Unlawful; illegitimate

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