lic & licit

ROOT-WORDS are LIC & LICIT from the Latin licere which means to PERMIT. This is a tricky one. LICense can so easily slip away from the law and authority to disorder. Keep the meaning clear.

1. License : LIC cense (lise’ ens) n.

Freedom to act; a permit; as, a driver’s license

2. Licensed : LIC ensed (lies’ ensd) adj

Permitted; authorized

3. Licensee : LIC ensee (lise en see’) n.

The one to whom a license is granted

4. Licenser : LIC enser (lise’ en ser) n.

The one who grants the license

5. Licensor : LIC ensor (lie’ sen ser) n.

Legal way of saying No.4

6. Licensure : LIC ensure (lise; en shur) n.

The granting of licenses; especially, to those who practice various professions

7. Licentiate : LIC entiate (lie sen’ chee at) n.

One who is licensed to practice a profession

8. Licentiation : LIC entiation (lie sen shi ay’ shun) n.

The act of granting a license; especially, to practice medicine

9. Licentious : LIC entious (lie sen’ shus) adj.

Taking liberties; disregarding rules; especially in morals

10. Licentiously : LIC entiously (lie sen’ chus lee) adv.


11. Licentiousness : LIC entiousness (lie sen’ chus ness) n.

The state of immorality

12. Licit : LICIT (lis’ it ) adj.

Permitted; lawful; conceded

13. Illicit : il LICIT (il is’ it) adj.

Unlawful; illegal

14. Illicitly : il LICIT ly (il is’ it lee) adv.

Unlawfully; illegally

15. Illicitness : il LICIT ness (i lis’ it nes) n.

The state of being unauthorized by law

16. License plate : LIC ense plate (lie’ sens plate) n.

A plate or tag showing that the vehicle is granted the license

17. Unlicensed : un LIC ensed (un lise’ ensd) adj.

Not permitted; unlawful

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