Lines Written in March

Lines Written in March :

The cock is crowing,
The stream is flowing,
The small birds twitter,
The lake doth glitter,
The green field sleeps in the sun;
The oldest and youngest
Are at work with the strongest;
The cattle are grazing,
Their heads never raising;
There are forty feeding like one;
Like an army defeated
The snow hath retreated,
And now doth fare ill
On the top of the bare hill;
The plough boy is whooping –anon-anon;
There’s joy in the mountains;
There’s life in the fountains;
Small clouds are sailing,
Blue sky prevailing;
The winter is over and gone.

William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth (1770-1850) is one of the greatest English poets. He is called the high priest of nature and a nature poet. That does not mean that he wrote only on subjects concerned with nature. He is as much a poet of nature as of humans. In the poem LINES WRITTEN IN MARCH the poet clearly describes the tranquil beauty of nature after the winter season.

Lines Written in March :

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