liter, litera, lit & letter

ROOT-WORDS are LITERA, LITER, LIT & LETTER meaning LETTERS. As is natural to the ROOT, the list is full of LITERary words. And so easy to learn from the ROOT! Is there any reason in the world why anyone should be ILLITERate when an aid like this is available? IL (in = not) and AL (ad = to) are both assimilates before a word with l. Ob means against. Soon you will be able to tackle the best in literature, unsimplified.

1. Litany : LIT any (lit’ an ee) n.

A prayer consisting of invocations and responses

2. Literal : LITER al (lit’ e ral) adj.

Relating to the exact letter; as, a literal translation

3. Literacy : LITER acy (lit’ e ra see) n.

The state of being educated

4. Literalism : LITER alism (lit’ e ra liz um) n.

The doctrine of keeping to the exact meaning of a word

5. Literalist : LITER alist (lit’ e ra list) n.

One who believes in literalism

6. Literatus : LITER atus (lit e ray’ tus) n.

A well-educated person (Plural, literati)

7. Literary : LITER ary (lit’ e rare ee) adj.

Concerned with books and writing; well-read

8. Literatist : LITER atist (lit’ er a tist) n.

An author; a writer

9. Literation : LITERA tion (lit’ er ay’ shun) n.

The act of representing something by letters

10. Literature : LITERA ture (lit’ e ra chur) n.

The best works written during the centuries

11. Letter : LETTER (let’ er) n.

One of the written symbols of the alphabet; also an epistle

12. Alliterate : al LITER ate (a lit’ e rate) v.

To repeat the same consonant sound in word after words; as, Peter picked a peck . . .

13. Alliteration : al LITERA tion (a lit e ray’ shun) n.

The recurrence of the same letter

14. Alliterative : al LITERA tive (a lit’ e rate iv) adj.

Characterized by alliteration

15. Alliterator : al LITER ator (a lit’ er ay tor) n.

One who uses alliteration

16. Obliterate : ob LITER ate (o blit’ e rate) v.

To efface the letters; as, obliterate the name

17. Obliterative : ob LITERA tive (o blit’ e rate iv) adj.

Causing to be obliterated

18. Obliteration : ob LITERA tion (o blit e ray’ shun) n.

The effacement of a name

19. Transliterate : trans LITER ate (tranz lit’ e rate) v.

To spell in the letters of another alphabet

20. Transliteration : trans LITERA tion (tranz lit e ray’ shun) n.

The act of transliterating

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