look after number one

take care of number one = look after number one

be selfishly absorbed in protecting your own person and interests - informal

Related Idioms and Phrases :

get something in one

understand or succeed in guessing something immediately – informal

one on one = one to one

denoting or referring to a situation in which two parties come into direct contact opposition or correspondence

1995 - Represent - I want to speak to God one on one me and him.

the one that got away

something desirable that has eluded capture

This phrase comes from the angler's traditional way of relating the story of a large fish that has managed to escape after almost being caught : you should have seen the one that got away.

public enemy number one

a notorious wanted criminal

a person or thing regarded as the greatest threat to a group or community

1995 - Independent - So foods that pile on the pounds are seen as Public Enemy Number One.

rolled into one = all rolled into one

(of characteristics drawn from different people or things) combined in one person or thing.

1907 - George Bernard Shaw - Major Barbara – My methods would be no use if I were Voltaire, Rousseau, Bentham, Mill, Dickens, Carlyle, Ruskin, George, Butler and Morris all rolled into one.

look after number one :

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