make a beeline for

make a beeline for :

the bee's knees

something or someone outstandingly good – informal

The bee's knees was first used to refer to something small and insignificant, but it quickly developed its current, completely opposite meaning.

have a bee in your bonnet

have an obsessive preoccupation with something – informal

This expression, along with have bees in the head or bees in the brain, was first used to refer to someone who was regarded as crazy or eccentric.

make a beeline for

go rapidly and directly towards

The phrase refers to the straight line supposedly taken instinctively by a bee returning to its hive.

1997 - Bookseller - And when he heard that people might like him to sign copies of his new novel... he cut the small talk and made a beeline for the stall.

make a beeline for :

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