Make The Right Choice

Make The Right Choice :

There was a very lazy man in a village. He would keep trying to get food without doing any hard work. One morning, while wandering around the countryside, he decided to steal some apples to eat. As soon as he picked an apple to eat, the farmer saw him and came towards him. The lazy man got scared and ran into the forest nearby to hide. While walking through the forest, he saw an old wolf with only two legs. He wondered how that wolf was surviving with only two legs. The wolf could not run or feed himself and there were threats from other animals. But he was happily crawling around. Suddenly he saw a lion coming towards the wolf with a piece of meat in its mouth. The lazy man climbed up the tree to save himself but the wolf stayed because he could not run away. But the man’s eyes were on stalks as he saw the lion left the piece of meat for the wolf to eat. The lazy man felt happy seeing God’s Play. He started to think that God always has a plan set to take care of his creations. Then he believed that God must have something planned for him too. So he left to find a place to sit and wait for someone to feed him. He waited there for two days without any food. Finally he couldn’t bare the hunger and left. He met an old sage on the way. He told everything to the sage and asked, “Oh wise one, God showed mercy to the crippled wolf but why didn’t he show mercy to me?” The old sage answered. "It’s true that God has a plan for everyone. You are obviously a part of his plan. But, son, You took his signs in a wrong way. He didn’t want you to be like the wolf. He wanted you to be like a lion. ” It is true….we often misunderstand the signs in life. God takes care of things if you are positive in your attitude. Learn to see things in a positive way and see yourself in a strong position to help the ones who need. Do not go for the easy choice. Make the right one.

Make The Right Choice :

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