Man does not live by bread alone.

Man does not live by bread alone.

Man does not live by bread alone.

This Bible verse teaches us that the survival of man does not depend only on the food he takes but in following the words of God too in his life. Though food that is considered to be an important need to fill one’s belly, the words of God are more important to fulfill the spiritual need of one.

It is an old saying…We eat to live and not live to eat. It stresses that it is not food that is important for the life of a man and there are things such as virtue, honors and dedication. Man is expected to have the virtues like compassion, love, truth and righteousness.

The man of character gives more important to these virtues in his life than food. That’s why it is said that man is superior to animals among all living species. Animals have only physical needs whereas for man, spiritual and mental needs are more important than food which is only a minor physical need. One who remains with the physical needs alone is spiritually and morally ruined. Many great men lived with great virtues which never cared for their own comforts and never thought of food and material pleasure and they are till remembered for their great and noble works.

Siddhartha was a king. He lived with all riches and comforts. But he was not contented with all those riches and so he gave them up and turned as a saint. This way he attained his desired place in the abode of Godliness.

Jesus was praying to God before crucification observing fasting for 40 days. Satan approached Jesus and tempted him saying, “You are the Son of God…so you have heavenly powers to do anything. Why do you observe fasting and starving? You can convert this hill as bread and eat it". Jesus wanted Satan, “Go away, Satan", and replied “Man does not live by bread alone. He lives by the words of God too."

From this it is clear that food is not more important but there are other things beyond food for man to remain spiritually and mentally good. The association with the saintly people and good people will alone give us peace of mind and eternal bliss.

So we should be prepared to seek the blessings of The Almighty for the sake of realizing our inborn potentials and for realizing the God within. If that is done, we will be happy with little of money and other material things.

Man does not live by bread alone.


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