Man The Savage

Man The Savage :

Upon this barren land
Once stood a great tree
In the once brown rich sand
For mortal eyes to relish and see.
Its leaves were emeralds,
Its fruits were rubies, bright and fair.
Squirrels leaped about as heralds
For the spring that was in the air.
Spring passed and autumn came to dwell.
The tree’s leaves blushed and fell,
Fluttering in the wind like a ship’s sail.
But the tree bowed not to the gale.
Winter came and did its worst,
Coated the tree with a shower of snow.
But the tree did not freeze and burst,
It stood to offer perch to the homeless sparrow.
The tree survived nature’s ravages,
To bloom again in summer.
But came along man the savage;
Hacked it down and called it lumber.
Is it so that man, a creation
Turn upon the Creator and other?
We cut down trees, calling it deforestation
And take trees from Nature – their mother and ours

Unknown Author

Man The Savage :


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