matric, matri & matro

These ROOT-WORDS are MATRI, MATRIC & MATRO. They come from the Latin word mater meaning MOTHER. It may come as a surprise to have words like Nos: 9, 17 and 3, because we are accustomed to hear them in the male form. With the ROOT-PATER (father) you met many of these words with PATER instead of MATER.This ROOT-WORD, MATRIC is used quite often in our lives.

1. Mater : MATER (mate’ er) n.

Word for mother taken directly from the Latin

2. Matrix : MATRI x (may’ triks) n.

The womb; the material in which a gem, fossil, metal is embodied

3. Matriarch : MATRI arch (may’ tree ark) n.

The head of the mothers in a group, tribe

4. Matriculate : MATRIC ulate (ma trik’ yu late) v.

To enroll or register in a college

5. Matriculation : MATRIC ulation (ma trik yu lay’ shun) n.

Enrollment in a college

6. Matriculant : MATRI coolant (ma trik yu lay’ shun) n.

One who registers in a college

7. Matrimony : MATRI mony (ma’ tri moe nee) n.

State of wedlock; marriage

8. Matrimonial : MATRI monial (ma tri moe’ nee al) adj.

Relating to marriage

9. Matriotism : MATRI otism (may’ tri ot iz um) n.

Love of mother country or alma mater

10. Matripotestal : MATRI potestal (may tri po tes’ tal) adj.

Relating to the power exercised by the mother
11. Matrilineal : MATRI lineal (ma tri lin’ ee al) adj.

Relating to the mother’s side of the family

12. Maternal : MATER nal (ma tern’ al) adj.

Relating to the mother; motherly

13. Matris : MATRIS (ma’ triz) n.

The mother goddess of the Hindu deities

14. Matricide : MATRI cide (ma’ tri side) n.

The murder of one’s mother

15. Matron : MATRO n (may’ tron) n.

A woman who has a supervisory role in institution for women or children

16. Matroclinous : MATRO clinous (mat ro klie’ nus) adj.

Inheriting characteristics from the mother

17. Matronymic : MATRO nymic (ma tro nim’ ik) n.

Name derived from the name of the mother or other female ancestor

18. Maternity : MATER nity (ma ter’ nit ee) n.

The state or quality of being a mother

19. Matriarchate : MATRI archate (may’ tree ark at) n.

The rulership of a woman

20. Metropolis : METRO polis (me trop’ o lis) n.

The mother city; the chief city of a designated area
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