This ROOT-WORD is MEDI which comes from medare: TO HALVE & to MAKE HALVES. If a knife is to cut a loaf into halves, the knife must get into the middle, and so we get the idea of MIDDLE, BETWEEN & HALFWAY. In considering No. 20 there is a question why so important a person as one who has this remarkable faculty should be called a medium. In this case the medium means agency through which the supernatural is attracted.

1. Medial : MEDI al (mede’ ee al) adj.

Relating to the middle; situated in the middle

2. Median : MEDI an (mede’ee an) adj.


3. Mediate : MEDI ate (mede’ ee ate) v.

Come between; intervene

4. Mediation : MEDI ation (mede ee ay’ shun) n.

Intervention between opposing parties

5. Mediator : MEDI ator (mede’ ee ate or) n.

One who comes between opposing parties

6. Mediacy : MEDI acy (mede’ ee a see) n.

The state of coming between

7. Mediatorial : MEDI atorial (mee dia to’ ri al) adj.

Characteristic of mediation or a mediator

8. Mediatory : MEDI atory (me’ di tor y) adj.

Of the nature of mediation

9. Mediatress : MEDI atress (mede’ ee ay tres) n.

A female mediator; mediatrix

10. Mediety : MEDI ety (me die’ e ti) n.

The half; moderation; temperance
11. Medieval : MEDI eval (mede ee ee’ val) n.

Pertaining to the middle ages

12. Medievalism : MEDI evalism (mede ee ee’ val iz um) n.

The method and spirit of the middle ages

13. Medievalist : MEDI evalist (mede ee eve’ a list) n.

One versed in the history and arts of the middle ages

14. Medifixed : MEDI fixed (mee’ di fiksd) adj.

Attached by the middle

15. Mediglacial : MEDI glacial (mee di glay’ shal) adj.

Situated between or amidst glaciers

16. Mediocre : MEDI ocre (mede ee o’ ker) adj.

Of middle quality

17. Mediocrity : MEDI ocrity (mede ee ok’ rite e) n.

Average capacity; middle quality

18. Mediterranean : MEDI terranean (med i te ray’ nee an) adj.

Lying between lands; having land on all sides

19. Immediacy : im MEDI acy (im ede’ ee a see) n.

Need for immediate attention; urgency

20. Medium : MEDI um (mede’ ee um) n.

A person having the faculty to make contact with the supernatural
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