This ROOT-WORD is MEM which comes from meminisse which means TO REMEMBER. This is a very easy key to reMEMber. The very sight of it makes for reMEMbrance. It is imbedded in MEMory and, very pleasant to relate, it has only one meaning - remember!

1. Memento : MEM ento (me ment’ o) n.

Something to make one remember

2. Memoir : MEM oir (mem’ war) n.

A report; a record of a thing to remember

3. Memorandum : MEM orandum (mem o ran’ dum) n.

A note: a reminder

4. Memo : MEM o (mem’ o) n.

Short form of memorandum; a note

5. Memoirist : MEM oirist (mem’ war ist) n.

One who writes memoirs

6. Memorable : MEM orable (mem’ o ra b’l) adj.

Worth remembering; as a memorable act

7. Memorabilia : MEM orabilia (mem’ o ra bill’ ee a) n.

Things worth remembering

8. Memorandize : MEM orandize (mem o ran’ dize) v.

Jot down a memo; make a note of

9. Memory : MEM ory (mem’ o ry) n.

The ability to recall; as, a memory for dates

10. Memoriter : MEM oriter (me mor; I ter) adv.

By heart; from memory
11. Memorial : MEM orial (me mor’ ee al) n.

A reminder of a great event; as, Memorial Day

12. Memorialize : MEM orialize (me mor’ ee a lize) v.

To commemorate; to present a memorial

13. Immemorial : im MEM orial (im e mor’ ee al) adj.

Having occurred so long ago that it cannot be remembered

14. Commemorate : com MEM orate (ko mem’ o rate) v.

To observe; as, commemorate Washington’s Birthday

15. Commemoration: com MEM oration (ko mem o ray’ shun) n.

The act of observing by a memorial or ceremony

16. Remember : re MEM ber (re mem’ ber) v.

Bring to mind again

17. Remembrance : re MEM brance (re mem’ brans) n.

The act of bringing to mind again

18. Unremembered : unre MEM bered (un re mem’ berd) adj.

Not remembered

19. In Memoriam : In MEM oriam (in me mor’ ee um) prep.

(Latin Phrase) In memory of; as, the name of a poem by Tennyson is In Memoriam.
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