This ROOT-WORD is MICRO meaning SMALL & MINUTE. It comes from the Greek micros meaning tiny. When you see MICRO you will immediately think of its opposite number MACRO which you will have in another page.

1. Microaudiphone : MICRO audiphone (mix kro au’ dif one) n.

An instrument to make slight sounds audible

2. Microlith : MICRO lith (mie’ kro lith) n.

A tiny stone implement

3. Microbe : MICRO be (mie’ krobe) n.

A minute organism; a germ

4. Microbicide : MICRO bicide (mie kroe’ bi side) n.

Any agent which destroys microbes

5. Microcephalous : MICRO cephalous (mie kro sef’ a lus) adj.

Having an abnormally small head

6. Microcosm : MICRO cosm (mie’ kro koz um) n.

A small world

7. Microcosmography: MICRO cosmography(mie kro koz mog’ ra fi) n.

A description of man as a microcosm

8. Microdont : MICRO don’t (mie’ kro gram) n.

One millionth of a gram

9. Microgram : MICRO gram (mie’ kro gram) n.

One millionth of a gram

10. Micrograph : MICRO graph (mie’ kro graf) n.

An instrument for writing and engraving minutely

11. Micrographer : MICRO grapher (mix krog’ ra fer) n.

A specialist in micrography

12. Microbarograph : MICRO barograph (mie kro bar’ o graf) n.

An instrument for recording small and rapid changes

13. Micro logy : MICRO logy (mie krol’ o ji) n.

The art of handling microscopic objects

14. Micro mania : MICRO mania (mie kro may’ ni a) n.

A delusion that one’s body has become very small

15. Micromelia : MICRO melia (mie kro mee’ li a) n.

A condition where the extremities are abnormally undeveloped

16. Micrometer : MICRO meter (mie krom’ et er) n.

Instrument for measuring minute distances

17. Micro motion : MICRO motion (mi kro mo’ shun) adj.

Relating to the study of microscopic motions

18. Microphone : MICRO phone (mie’ kro fone) n.

Instrument to intensify slight sounds

19. Microscope : MICRO scope (mie’ kro skope) n.

Instrument to examine objects too small to be seen by the naked eye

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