Millay versus Cummings

Millay versus Cummings :

LAMENT by Edna St. Vincent Millay and SINCE FELLING IS FIRST by Cummings are two very different poems. The poems are different in style and tone. In Millay's poem LAMENT the theme is dealing with death and we must act in order to accept it. In SINCE FEELING IS FIRST, Cumming's theme is just the opposite. Cummings is saying we should enjoy life by acting like a fool and not taking things seriously. Millay stresses the unimportance of feeling.

Life must go on and the dead by forgotten….

Cummings attitude is totally different. He believes that feelings are very important. Cummings stresses that being foolish is better than being smart and serious and kisses are better fate/ than wisdom. Millay uses simple language where as Cummings uses more complete language. In LAMENT, Millay stresses her point by using an unusual style of writing. The tone in LAMENT is very somber. Millay is writing about the death of a woman's husband and how the wife feels that Life must go on although she has forgotten just why. The wife is trying to forget about her husband’s death and the dead be forgotten. The tone of SINCE FEELING IS FIRST is a happy tone. A man is telling his girlfriend to enjoy life and stop being so serious.

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Millay versus Cummings :

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