mis & miso

ROOT-WORDS are MIS & MISO which mean WRONG, BAD & HATE. We all make MIStakes and MIS is the ROOT that says it’s wrong. Consider word No.10 Mischief is trouble. The mischievous fellow is a troublemaker, usually a poor student. Smart ones have no time for mischief. Perhaps the mischievous fellow would like to be the leader, the chief. But he cannot be the chief since he does not achieve good work. He wants attention, so he goes in for mischievous acts, achievement of the wrong kind.

1. Misadventure : MIS adventure (mis ad ven’ chur) n.

An accident; misfortune

2. Misalliance : MIS alliance (mis a lie’ ans) n.

An improper union; esp., an improper marriage

3. Misanthrope : MIS anthrope (mis’ an thrope) n.

A hater of mankind

4. Misappropriate : MIS appropriate (mis a pro’ pree ate) v.

To use wrongly; esp., for one’s own benefit

5. Misbegotten : MIS begotten (mis be got’ en) adj.

Born out of wedlock; ill-born

6. Misbehavior : MIS behavior (mis be hay’ vyor) n.

Improper conduct

7. Miscalculate : MIS calculate (mis kal’ kyu late) v.

To make an error in counting

8. Miscarriage : MIS carriage (mis kar’ ij) n.

Wrong handling; as, a miscarriage of justice

9. Miscast : MIS cast (mis kast’) v.

To give an actor a role not suited to him

10. Mischief : MIS chief (mis’ chif) n.

An act which results in damage or injury

11. Misconception : MIS conception (mis kon sep’ shun) n.

An erroneous idea; wrong interpretation

12. Miscreant : MIS creant (mis’ kree ant) n.

An evil-doer; one who is vicious in behavior

13. Misgivings : MIS givings (mis giv’ ings)

Doubt about the result

14. Misnomer : MIS nomer (mis no’ mer) n.

The wrong name

15. Misguide : MIS guide (mis gide’) v.

To lead in the wrong direction

16. Misogynist : MISO gynist ?(mi soj’ i nist) n.

A hater of women

17. Misopedia : MISO pedia (mis o pee’ di a) n.

A morbid dislike of one’s own children

18. Misrepresent : MIS represent (mis rep re zent’) v.

To give a false impression of

19. Mistrial : MIS trial (mis trie’ al) n.

A trial of no effect because of some error in theproceedings

20. Misinterpretation: MIS interpretation (mis in ter pre tay’ shun) n.


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