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These ROOT-WORDS are MOB, MOT & MOV all meaning MOVE. They come from the Latin words mobilis, movere, motus, all meaning move, and in them you get the reason for the changes in spelling. In a sense this page is a powerful motor for vocabulary enrichment. Each one serves as a small stimulus and adds its strength to the others until they become a source which will never let you down. Remember them and you will never lose.

1. Mobile : MOB ile (mo’ bele) adj.

Capable of moving

2. Mobilize : MOBilize (mo’ bi lize) v.

To assemble for movement; as, mobilize forces

3. Mobilization : MOB ilization (mo bi li zay’ shun) n.

The act of assembling for action

4. Mobility : MOB ility (mo bil’ it ee) n.

The quality of being able to move

5. Motion : MOT ion (mo’ shun) n.

Movement; action; as, make a motion

6. Motionless : MOT ionless (mo’ shun les( adj.

Without motion

7. Motive : MOT ive (mote’ iv) n.

Cause; inducement to move; stimulus to act

8. Motivation : MOT ivation (mote i vay’ shun) n.

The reason for an action; cause, inducement

9. Mover : MOV er (mu’ ver) n.

One who moves

10. Motor : MOT or (mote’ or) n.

That which imparts motion; source of mechanical power

11. Motorcade : MOT orcade (mote’ or kade) n.

A group of vehicle going together

12. Automobile : auto MOB ile (au’ to mo bele) n.

A motor vehicle; self-moving

13. Automotive : auto MOT ive (au to mote’ iv) adj.

Self-moving; self-propelling

14. Demote : de MOT e (de mote’) v.

Move away; move down

15. Emotional : e MOT ional (e mo’ shun al) adj.

Moved strongly by feelings; as, an emotional act

16. Motivate : MOT ivate (mote’ i vate) v.

Move to action; as, anger will motivate crime

17. Immobile : im MOB ile (im o’ bil) adj.

Not moving; motionless

18. Demobilization : de MOB ilization (de mo bi li zay’ shun) n.

The act of disbanding the armed forces

19. Motordrome : MOT ordrome (mote’ or drome) v.

A course for racing automobiles

20. Promotion : pro MOT ion (pro mo’ shun) n.

A move to a higher position; advancement

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