Money is not everything.

Money is not everything.

Money is not everything.

This maxim teaches us that though money provides a man all riches, necessaries, amenities and luxuries, it is not a wholesome for a man and there are other things more precious than money. Money can procure all means of happiness but money is not happiness itself. There are things other than money which can raise a man higher in life It is an old saying - Money is said to be the second God.

It is undeniable that money provides the riches, comfort and luxuries to a man. Money can bring a man all means of happiness but not itself. A man can spend more money to go to a place where he can get pleased. If he is not pleased there, what is the use of spending money? One can buy any number of books but he may have no interest to read them. Similarly a person can have enormous money to have delicious dishes but his appetite may be wanting. One’s purse may be loaded and the heart empty. A rich man may possess the best things of life but he may fail to enjoy them. Beyond money, there are things like honors, suave manners and high esteem etc.

Though a man is of poverty-stricken and if he has the above qualities, he is loved and respected by everyone and everywhere. He is always sincere, honest and dependable. He is contented and happy in life though he is poor.

Moreover, money so often is the cause of many sins such as theft, murder and cheating. It makes the man to forget and neglect the higher things of life. It makes the man to think little of moral and spiritual values. A wealthy man once met Jesus and asked, I want to have more wealth such as land, cattle, many number of servants and so on. I have properly paid my servants still I am not contented. I want to follow you".

Jesus said to him, “Give away your wealth to the poor and needy and then follow me". The wealthy man did so whole-heartedly and then, with contented heart followed Jesus.

Man is not born for money alone. The famous men like poets and philosophers lived and died in poverty but with contentment. They are still remembered and honored for their great works. We should think leaving our money behind and do something for this mankind so that we will be of a great help to this humanity.

Money is not everything.


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