mort, mori & mors

These ROOT-WORDS are MORS, MORI & MORT which come from the Latin mors & mortis meaning DEATH. While No. 2 and No. 6 do not actually mean death, the humiliation suffered is a death to pride. No. 1 and No. 18 also mean a type of suffering, rather than death. Words have not only letters, but overtones of meaning; connotations.

1. Remorse : re MORS e (re mors’) n.

Torture of conscience

2. Mortal : MORT al (mort’ al) n.

One who is subject to death; as, human beings are mortal

3. Mortality : MORT ality (mor tal’ it ee) n.

Subjection to death; death rate

4. Mortally : MORT ally (mort’ al ee) adv.

Bringing death; fatally

5. Immortable : im MORT able (i mor’ ta b’l) adj.

Can be made immortal

6. Mortify : MORT ify (mort’ i fie) v.

Hurt; embarrass; humiliate

7. Mortification : MORT ification (mort i fi kay’ shun) n.

Embarrassment; humiliation

8. Mortician : MORT ician (mor tish’ an) n.

Undertaker; funeral director

9. Mortuary : MORT uary (mor’ chu wer ee) adj.

Relating to the burial of the deal

10. Mortuous : MORT uous (mor’ tyu us) adj.


11. Moribund : MORI bund (mor’ i bund) adj.


12. Immortal : im MORT al (im ort’ al) adj.

Not subject to death; deathless

13. Immortality : im MORT ality (im or tal’ it ee) n.


14. Immortalize : im MORT alize (im ort’ al ize) v.

To make deathless

15. Immortalism : im MORT alism (i mor’ tal iz um) n.

The doctrine of the soul’s immortality

16. Immortelle : im MORT elle (im or tel’) n.


17. Remorseful : re MORS eful (re mors’ ful) adj.

Tortured by remorse

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