multi & multus

These ROOT-WORDS are MULTUS & MULTI which come from the Latin mulus which means MANY & MUCH. This ROOT has mathematical significance, being completely involved with the process of MULTIplication. The very minute you see this ROOT you know MUCH. No. 10 might be inconvenient, if four babies appeared at once, but no one minds the state of being a MULTImillionaire, or seeing a MULTItude of stars.

1. Multifold : MULTI fold (mul’ ti fold) adj.

Folded many times

2. Multifarious : MULTI farious (mul ti far’ ee us) adj.

Varied; diversified

3. Multigraph : MULTI graph (mul’ ti graf) n.

A machine which prints many copies

4. Multilateral : MULTI lateral (mul ti lat’ e ral) adj.

Many sided; as, a multilateral treaty

5. Multilingual : MULTI lingual (mul ti lin’ gwal) adj.

Relating to many languages

6. Multilinguist : MULTI linguist (mul ti lin’ gwist) n.

One who speaks many languages

7. Multilocation : MULTI location (mul ti lo kay’ shun) n.

Present in many places simulataneously

8. Multiloquent : MULTI loquent (mul til’ o kwent) adj.

Speaking much; loquacious

9. Mulltimilionaire: MULTI millionaire (mul ti mil yu nair’) n.

One who has many millions

10. Multiparous : MULTI parous (mul tip’ a rus) adj.

Giving birth to more than one child at a time

11. Multiped : MULTI ped (mul’ tip ed) n.

An organism with many feet; as, a centipede

12. Multiple : MULTI ple (mul’ ti p’l) adj.

Consisting of more than one; manifold

13. Multiplicand : MULTI plicand (mul ti pli kand’) n.

That number in an example which is to be multiplied

14. Multiplication : MULTI placation (mul ti pli kay’ shun) n.

An arithmetical process for increasing a number quickly

15. Multiplicity : MULTI plicity (mul ti plis’ it ee) n.

The quality of being multiple; as, a multiplicity of thoughts

16. Multiply : MULTI ply (myl’ ti pile) v.

To increase a number quickly by multiplication

17. Multitude : MULTI tude (mul’ ti tyude) n.

A great number; cannot be counted

18. Multiplex : MULTI plex (mul’ ti pleks) adj.

Manifold; multiple

19. Multiplier : MULTI plier (mul’ ti plie er) n.

One who or that which multiplies
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