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Mythology has been the source of literature for all people from all countries. Although every country has its form of mythological literature, Greek and Indian Mythologies are very famous for their social values and characteristic projections. The basic values of human-lives are exhibited by the characters of the mythology. From love of country, love of fellow human-beings, respecting others especially elders to keeping one’s promise, all the human values are highlighted by the characters living in the mythology. The fame of the mythology can be contributed to its characterization of the people close to the real-life characters. What the real-life characters experiences in their day-to-day lives are experienced by the characters of the mythology. The closeness between the fiction and reality is the underlying factor for the popularity of the mythology. Indian Mythology is not so famous among the people living in the Western Countries where as the Greek Mythology is so famous all over the world that many people living in the third world countries have names their children after the names of the characters of Greek Mythology. The natures of many of the Greek characters are well known among the people all over the world. But this is not so in the case of Indian Mythology. Although the Indian Mythology has been there for the longer period of time, its lackluster presentation is the main reason for its lack of popularity among the people around the world. The same types of characterizations which are found in the Greek Mythology are found in the Indian Mythology…in few cases in depth. All these popularity of Greek Mythology can be attributed to its spreading among the educated people. The famous Gods exhibited in the GREEK MYTHOLOGY are Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus. Nemesis, Hemera, Thalassa, Thanatos, Tartarus, Gaia, Eros, Chaos and Ananke are also famous characters. For every event that comes across in our lives, there will be a character. God for Love, God for Birth, God for Bravery, God for Death, Gor for Power, God for Beauty and God for Creation are few of them. Mythology is a collection of myths especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition. Myths are traditional stories about gods and heroes. They often account for the basic aspects of existence — explaining, for instance, how the Earth was created, why people have to die or why the year is divided into seasons.

  1. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
  2. A Mythical Analysis of A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
  3. A Tragic Hero Antigone
  4. Acupuncture
  5. An Unusual People
  6. Ancient Greece A Time of Great Cities and Lives
  7. Antigone
  8. Aphrodite
  9. Application of Astrology in Business
  10. Athena
  11. Atlantis
  12. Being A Hero
  13. Beowulf - 1
  14. Beowulf - 2
  15. Beowulf and The Song of Roland
  16. Black Elk Speaks
  17. Carlos Casteneda
  18. Chivalry
  19. Contemporary Literary Criticism
  20. Contrasting Apollo and Dionysus
  21. Damn The Fates
  22. Dionysus and Semele
  23. Egyptians and Babylonians and Hebrews
  24. Et hjem gar dukken siste akt
  25. Excalibur
  26. Fate and Destiny
  27. Helios The Greek Sun God
  28. Heroes
  29. Gawain Essay
  30. Gods in Greek and Roman Religions
  31. Greek and The Celtic Myth
  32. Greek Gods in Iliad
  33. Greek Mythology - 1
  34. Greek Mythology - 2
  35. Jason and The Argonauts
  36. King Arthur The Legend
  37. Maya Creations
  38. Medea
  39. Mitologia del Mexico Antiguo
  40. My Eyes Have Seen The Glory
  41. Myth or Reality
  42. Mythology Book Report
  43. Mythology Research Project
  44. Night Marchers in Hawaii
  45. Odysseus Challenges
  46. Oedipus Rex - 1
  47. Oedipus Rex - 2
  48. Oedipus The King
  49. Old Testament versus Hellenic Divine Intervention
  50. Original Myth
  51. Ouija Boards
  52. Pallas Athene versus Minerva
  53. Perception on Monsters
  54. Progression Towards Light
  55. Roman Gods
  56. Structural Levels of The Iliad
  57. Summary on The Birds
  58. The Chinese Culture
  59. The Chinese Myth
  60. The Constellation Big Dipper
  61. The Cyclopes
  62. The Death of Balder
  63. The Dispute between Hephaestus and Aphrodite
  64. The Dream of Oenghus
  65. The Effects of Flying Saucers
  66. The Effects of Unidentified Flying Objects
  67. The Giant Lives On
  68. The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology
  69. The Greek Mythology
  70. The Heritage of A King
  71. The Hope of The Phoenix
  72. The Legend of Sweating Moose-Balls
  73. The King Must Die
  74. The Mysteries of Fate
  75. The Odyssey - 1
  76. The Odyssey - 2
  77. The Odyssey Report
  78. The Queen of Air and Darkness
  79. The Riddle of The Sphinx
  80. The Southwest Creation Story
  81. The Story of Atlanta
  82. The Teachings of Don Juan
  83. The Theme of Father and Son Relationships
  84. The Trojan War
  85. Theseus
  86. Theseus and His Adventures in Labyrinth
  87. Theseus Athens Great Hero
  88. Three Contributions of Chinese Immigrants
  89. Tragedy
  90. Tragedy of Tristan
  91. Unidentified Flying Objects
  92. Vampires
  93. Young Offenders

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