nat & nasc

These ROOT-WORDS are NASC & NAT meaning TO BE BORN & TO SPRING FORTH. It comes from the Latin nacor. There are so many words with these ROOT-WORDS that one list will not accommodate them all.

1. Natal : NAT al (nate’al) adj.

Relating to birth

2. Native : NAT ive (nate’ iv) adj.

Belonging to by birth

3. Native : NA ive (na eve’) adj.

Acting as one born yesterday; artless

4. Naiveté : NA uvete (na e eve tay’) n.

Quality of being childishly simple

5. Nature : NAT ural (nach’ u ral) adj.

The essence of a person or a thing

6. Natural : NAT ural (nach’ u ral) adj.

Relating to nature

7. Nativity : NAT ivity (na tiv’ is ee) n.

The process of being born; a coming into the world

8. Nativisim : NAT ivism (nate’ u ra lize) v.

A policy favoring the native born

9. Naturalize : NAT uralize (nach’u ra lize) v.

To give citizenship to the foreign born

10. Naturalization : NAT uralization (nach u ra li zay’ shoun) n.

The process by which one can become naturalized

11. Naturopathy : NAT uropathy (na chu rop’ a thee) n.

A system of treating disease by assisting nature

12. Naturay : NAT uary (nat’ u ar i) n.

A ward in a hospital for women during childbirth

13. Innate : in NAT e (in ate’) adj.

Inborn; inherent in

14. Renascent : re NASC ent (re nas’ ent) adj.


15. Renascence : re NASC ence (re nas’ ens) n.

A rebirth; a revival

16. Nation : NAT ion (nay’ shun) n.

A people with a common origin

17. National : NAT ional (nash’ un al) adj.

Relating to a nation

18. Nationalism : NAT ionalism (nash’ un al iz um) n.

The belief that to support the nation is the highest duty

19. Nationality : NAT inoality (nash u nal’ it nee) n.

Country of origin

20. International : inter NAT ional (int er nash’ un al) adj.

Between or among nations
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