nunci, nunc & nounc

These ROOT-WORDS are NUNCI, NUNC & NOUNC which come from the Latin verb muntiare which means to SPEAK & to DECLARE & WARN. This Latin root gives us a clue to the Italian pronunciation. In Italian the ci is pronounced like ch in English - nunchio. In English the ci is usually pronounced like si, although in the word delivious we say delishus. So it is sometimes difficult to know how to pronounce a ci word without the help of a dictionary.

1. Nuncio : NUNCI o (nun’ see o) n.

Messenger; a papal representative

2. Nunciative : NUNCI ative (nun’ shi ay tiv) adj.

Conveying messages

3. Nunciature : NUNCI ature (nun’ see a chur) n.

The office of the nuncio

4. Nuncupate : NUNC upate (nun’ kyu pate) v.

To declare orally; to proclaim

5. Nuncupative : NUNC upative (nun’ kyu pate iv) adj.

Oral; not written

6. Nunciate : NUNC iate (nun’ shi ate) n.

A messenger; announcer

7. Announce : an NOUNC e (a nouns’) v.

To make knowledge public

8. Announcer : an NOUNC er (a noun’ ser) n.

One who makes announcements publicly

9. Announcement : an NOUNC ement (a noun’ sment) n.

Information given to the public

10. Denounce : de NOUNC e (de nouns’) v.

Accuse; inform against
11. Denunciation : de NUNCI ation (de nun see ay’ shun) n.

Act of informing against

12. Denunciable : de NUNCI able (de nun shi a b’l) adj.

May or should be informed against

13. Denunciatory : de NUNCI atory (de nun’ see a tore e) adj.

Characterized by denunciation

14. Enunciate : e NUNCI ate (ee nun’ see ate) v.

To pronounce carefully

15. Enunciation : e NUNCI ation (ee nun see ay’ shun) n.

Pronunciation; articulation

16. Pronounce : pro NOUNC e (pro nouns’) v.

Declare; articulate

17. Pronouncement : pro NOUNC ement (pro noun’ sment) n.

Declaration; formal announcement

18. Pronunciation : pro NUNCI ation (pro nun se ay’ shun) n.

Articulation; utterance

19. Renounce : re NOUNC e (re nouns’) v.

Retract; revoke; abdicate

20. Renunciation : re NUNCI ation (re nun see ay’ shun) n.

Abdication; the act of giving up
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