of, ob,oc & op

These ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes OB,OC,OF & OP which mean AGAINST & FACING. You will notice that the OB can change to OF, to OC, or even to OP. You guessed it - assimilation. OF before words with f, OC before words with c and OP before words with p. The words with OB are very interesting. In practically every one of them, the thought is opposed to the action.

1. Obese : OB ese (o bese’) adj.

Excessively fat

2. Obituary : OB ituary (o bick’ u are e) n.

A death notice

3. Object : OB ject (ob jekt’) v.

Oppose; refuse

4. Oppressive : OP pressive (o pres’ ive) adj.

Harsh pressures

5. Offend : OF fend (o fend’) v.

To strike against moral law; to cause pain

6. Objurgate : OB jurgate (ob’ jur gate) v.

To denounce harshly

7. Obligee : OB ligee (ob li jee’) n.

The one who must carryout the duty

8. Obligate : OB ligate (ob’ li gate) v.

To bind by duty; constrain

9. Obligatory : OB ligatory (o blig’ a tore ee) adj.

Binding; required

10. Oblige : OB lige (o blije’) v.

To bind by a favor or service; force
11. Oblique : OB lique (o bleke’) adj.

Not straight; having a slanting position

12. Obliquity : OB liquity (o blik’ wit ee) n.

Deviation from moral rectitude

13. Obliterate : OB literate (o blit’ e rate) v.

Blot out

14. Oblivious : OB livious (o bliv’ ee us) adj.

Unaware; forgetful

15. Obloquy : OB loquy (ob’ lo kwee) n.

Condemnatory speech

16. Obscene : OB scene (ob sene’) adj.

Against decency; disgusting to the senses, tasteless

17. Oppose : OP pose (o poze’) v.

Place oneself against; stand up against

18. Occlusion : OC clusion (o klu’ zhun) n.

State of being shut out of; as, of a passage

19. Occult : OC cult (o kult’) adj.

Kept hidden; dealing with mysterious knowledge
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