on the carpet

on the carpet

(of a topic or problem) under discussion

(of a person) being severely reprimanded by someone in authority – Informal

Carpet in both these senses originally meant table covering and referred to the carpet of the council table - a table around which a problem was debated or before which a person would be summoned for reprimand. The informal use of carpet as a verb meaning reprove dates from mid 19th century.

Related Idioms :

a magic carpet

a means of sudden and effortless travel

In fairy tales, a magic carpet is able to transport a person sitting on it to any place they desire.

sweep something under the carpet

hide or ignore a problem or difficulty in the hope that it will be forgotten.

1996 - Iain Pears - Death & Restoration - Many others would merely have swept all our problems under the carpet and left them until they became too difficult to solve.

on the carpet :

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