asis, esis & osis

These ROOT-WORDS are the Suffixes OSIS, ESIS & ASIS used to express A COURSE OF ACTION, A PROCESS or A CONDITION. The last is used much in medicine and means a diseased condition. About a dozen words on the list are of the medical kind. But No. 9 is a good, healthy condition and, after the rest, well worth aiming at. No. 1, AnabASIS, is the report of a military journey. That is Action. Note the ROOT’s spellings.

1. Anabasis : anab ASIS (a nab’ a sis) n.

A military advance

2. Thrombosis : thromb OSIS (throm boe’ sis) n.

Formation of a clot in the blood vessles

3. Elephantiasis : elephanti ASIS (el e fan tie’ a sis) n.

Disease in which the skin gets hard and dry like an elephant’s

4. Exegesis : exeg ESIS (ek se jee’ sis) n.

The act, explanation and interpretation of Scripture

5. Genesis : gen ESIS (jen’ e sis) n.

The act of coming into beings; the origin

6. Halitosis : halit OSIS (hal i toe’ sis) n.

The condition in which the breath is offensive

7. Hypochondriasis : hypochondri ASIS (hie po kon drie’ a sis) n.

Condition of anxiety about imagined ailments

8. Hypnosis : hypn OSIS (hip noe’ sis) n.

State of being hypnotized

9. Orthobiosis : orthobi OSIS (or tho bie o’ sis) n.

Complete change of form and character

10. Metamorphosis : metamorph OSIS (met a mor’ fo sis) n.

Complete change of form and character
11. Neurosis : neur OSIS (nu roe’ sis) n.

Condition of disordered nerves; emotional disorder

12. Osmosis : osm OSIS (o some’ sis) n.

A mutual fusing of liquids which have been separated by a membrane

13. Osmidrosis : osmidr OSIS (oz mi droe’ sis) n.

A fetid, sweaty secretion

14. Ostosis : ost OSIS (os toe’ sis) n.

The hardening of tissue into bone

15. Psoriasis : psori ASIS (so rie’ a sis) n.

A diseased condition of the skin

16. Psychosis : psych OSIS (sie koe’ sis) n.

A serious mental disorder

17. Pyreticosis : pyretic OSIS (pie ret i koe’ sis) n.


18. Symptosis : sympt OSIS (simp toe’ sis) n.

Gradual wasting away of the body or of any part of it

19. Symbiosis : symbi OSIS (sim bie o’ sis) n.

The living together of two dissimilar organisms
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