This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix OUS which means FULL OF & HAVING. This ROOT-WORD has a positive personality and the words which contain it are positive and strong. For good or for evil, they are powerful in thought, feeling and action.

1. Opprobrious : opprobri OUS (o pro’ bree us) adj.

Disgraceful; reproachful

2. Delicious : delici OUS (de lish’ us) adj.

Having delightful taste

3. Gracious : graci OUS (gray’ shus) adj.

Full of kindness; as, a gracious hostess

4. Homogeneous : homogene OUS (hoe moe jee’ nee us) adj.

Having a taste and smell that is delicious

5. Luscious : lusci OUS (lush’ us)adj.

Having a taste and smell that is delicious

6. Mysterious : mystery OUS (mis ter’ ee us)adj.

Full of obscurity; mystery

7. Nervous : nerv OUS (ner’ vus) adj.

Full of spirit; not calm, excited easily

8. Oblivious : oblivi OUS (o bliv’ ee us) adj.

Forgetful; mindless; unaware

9. Obnoxious : obnoxi OUS (ob nok’ shus) adj.

Hateful; objectionable

10. Obsequious : obsequy OUS (ob se’ kwi us) adj.

Slavishly flattering
11. Obvious : obvi OUS (ob’ vee us) adj.

Easily seen or understood; having a clear meaning; plain

12. Pugnacious : pugnaci OUS (pug nay’ shus) adj.

Having an inclination to fight; quarrelsome

13. Rapacious : rapaci OUS (ra pay’ shus) adj.

Having a grasping nature; greedy.

14. Serious : seri OUS (ser’ ee us) adj.

Full of earnestness; thoughtful

15. Tremendous : tremend OUS (tre men’ dus) adj.

Dreadful; powerful; awful

16. Vivacious : vivaci OUS (vi vay’ shus) adj.

Full of life; spirited; merry

17. Voracious : voraci OUS (vo ray’ shus) adj.

Always eating; gluttonous

18. Spacious : spaci OUS (spay’ shus) adj.

Having much space; roomy.

19. Malicious : malice OUS (ma lish’ us) adj.

Full of malice; ill-willed

20. Covetous : covet OUS (kov’ et us) adj.

Full of envy; wanting what others have