out of pocket

out of pocket

having lost money in a transaction

Related Idioms and Phrases :

out and about

(of a person, especially after an illness) engaging in normal activity

out and away

by far

out at elbows

reject or dismiss someone – informal

The image is of nudging someone aside in a rough or contemptuous manner.

out for

having your interest or effort directed to

intent on

out-Herod Herod

behave with extreme cruelty or tyranny

Herod, the ruler of Judaea at the time of Jesus's birth and the man responsible for ordering the massacre of boy babies in his realm, was portrayed in medieval miracle plays as a blustering tyrant. The phrase is from Shakespeare's Hamlet : I would have such a fellow whipp'd for o'erdoing Termagant. It out-herods Herod.

out of it

not used or included in something

astray or distant from the centre or heart of anything

extremely drunk – informal

out of order

not in normal sequence

(of a machine) not working

(of behaviour) improper or unacceptable – informal

pay out of pocket

pay for something with your own money - US

out to lunch

crazy and insane – informal

out with someone = out with something

an exhortation to expel or dismiss someone or something unwanted

out with it

say what you are thinking

1993 - Margaret Atwood - The Robber Bride – She would be so squirrelly with desire - out with it, lust, capital L, the best of the Seven Deadlies - that she’d scarcely be able to sit still.

out of pocket :

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