Parse The Nouns

Parse The Nouns :

Parse all the Nouns and Pronouns in the possessive case, in the following sentences.

1. Cruel boys rob birds’ nests.

2. The widow’s friend will not defraud her children.

3. The boy’s politeness caused his friends to respect him.

4. Mary's friend arrived home safely.

5. The girl, who lost her book, has found it.

6. He preferred a shepherd’s life to a monarch’s throne.

7. Benjamin Franklin’s grave is in Philadelphia.

8. My father-in-law’s house was destroyed by fire.

9. My brother's behavior is better than my sister’s.

10. She went to the baker's and bought bread for her children.

11. He spends his spare time at the lawyer's.

12. They stopped at the bookseller's and made their purchases.


In the foregoing sentences, parse all the Subjects, Verbs, Objects and Prepositions.

Parse The Nouns :

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