Part Choral Speaking

Part Choral Speaking :

In this mode, the sequence of ideas or the flow of a dialogue in a rhyme is maintained by individuals or groups taking on the parts of the characters in the rhyme and saying the lines in a smooth, evocative and natural manner. The following rhyme is an excellent or part speaking.

CHORUS : A beautiful maid lived at a mill.
She sang and she laughed and she worked with a will
But the Mayor of Gloucester was riding by,
And he caught a glance from her bright blue eye.

ALL : Humbledum.

CHORUS : The sails of the mill went whirring on,
The gold on the good Mayor’s chariots shone;
The Mayor stepped out and strode to the door,
And the maiden stood on the powdery floor.

ALL : Humbledum.

THE MILLER : O Miller, give me your lass so fine
To ride in this handsome coach of mine;
Tho’ she is the maid of the mill on the down
She shall be Queen of Gloucester town!

ALL : Humbledum.

THE MILLER : Oh,who will waken me at dawn
Or bake my bread so brown?
Or brew the heavy nut-brown ale
If you go off to town.

THE MAID : The hind will bake thy bread for thee,
The white bread and the brown;
The cock will crow to waken thee
When I go off to town.

THE MILLER : The wealth of twenty sacks I’ll give,
And leave the mill to thee;
And twenty ploughs to plough the down
If you will bide with me.

THE MAID : Not twenty sacks nor twenty mills,
Nor ploughs to plough the down,
Will keep me from my own true love
That dwells in Gloucester town.

The teacher can, thus, exploit the various ways of saying a nursery rhyme and create interest in the speaking and learning of rhymes effectively and enthusiastically. Both individual and choral speaking lend variety to the learning of speaking and reading aloud English with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation. Be it situational, contextual conversation, prose or poetry. All the four types of choral speaking encourage and reinforce the phonetic features of spoken English and linguistic features of auraloral interaction.

Part Choral Speaking :

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