Past Continuous Tense in Active Voice

Past Continuous Tense in Active Voice :

  1. He was authoring five books.
  2. He was buying oranges in dozens.
  3. He was charging a battery.
  4. He was driving his car to his office.
  5. He was facing a problem.
  6. He was giving me an apple.
  7. He was killing a lion in the forest.
  8. He was making a doll.
  9. He was managing his office.
  10. He was murdering his father.
  11. He was reading a poem.
  12. He was reading a story.
  13. He was signing the cheque.
  14. He was simplifying the problem.
  15. He was smoking a cigarette.
  16. I was manufacturing tyre.
  17. I was reading a novel of RKL.
  18. I was seeing a bird.
  19. I was seeing a television made in Japan.
  20. I was seeing a mango in the tree.
  21. I was sending him to school.
  22. I was typewriting a letter.
  23. I was writing a story.
  24. I was writing a poem.
  25. It was treating a problem.
  26. Makka was reading a document.
  27. Malar was colouring a picture.
  28. Mallika was teaching English to the slum children.
  29. Mani was giving me a notebook.
  30. Radha was walking the distance.
  31. Ravi was speaking the truth.
  32. She was borrowing money.
  33. She was drawing a picture.
  34. She was drawing my picture.
  35. She was making cake.
  36. She was marrying our daughter.
  37. She was playing chess.
  38. She was playing tennis.
  39. She was preparing dinner.
  40. She was purchasing a house.
  41. She was ruling Indonesia.
  42. She was sailing by boat.
  43. She was singing a song.
  44. She was spoiling the child.
  45. She was storing grains.
  46. She was summoning him.
  47. She was throwing the ball.
  48. The judge was summoning him.
  49. They were borrowing money.
  50. They were drawing a picture.
  51. They were drawing a layout for our house.
  52. They were making cake.
  53. They were marrying our daughter.
  54. They were preparing dinner.
  55. They were purchasing a house.
  56. They were ruling Indonesia.
  57. They were sailing by boat.
  58. They were shifting me.
  59. They were slipping a currency-note.
  60. They were submitting their report.
  61. They were switching on the light.
  62. They were taxing me Rs. 10000.
  63. They were threatening me.
  64. They were transporting things.
  65. We were authoring five books.
  66. We were borrowing money.
  67. We were buying orange.
  68. We were charging a battery.
  69. We were driving his car.
  70. We were facing a problem.
  71. We were giving me an apple.
  72. We were killing a lion.
  73. We were looking at the notice.
  74. We were looking at the notice.
  75. We were making a doll.
  76. We were making cake.
  77. We were managing his office.
  78. We were marrying our daughter.
  79. We were murdering his father.
  80. We were purchasing a house.
  81. We were signing the cheque.
  82. We were simplifying the problem.
  83. We were slipping a currency-note.
  84. We were smoking a cigarette.
  85. We were starting the work.
  86. We were starting our project.
  87. We were switching on the light.
  88. We were transporting things.
  89. You were listening to the music.
  90. You were sending me an email.
  91. You were singing a song.
  92. You were spoiling the child.
  93. You were storing grains.
  94. You were telling a lie.
  95. You were throwing the ball.
  96. You were transporting this chair to our office.
  97. You were watching a movie.
  98. You were watching television.
  99. You were watching a tennis game.
  100. You were spending time for studies.

Past Continuous Tense in Active Voice :


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