Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense :

General Form : Subject + had + been + verb + ing

Examples :

1. When I met him in 1950 he had been living in Chennai for five years.

2. Dickens had been writing novels even before he left college.

3. The Pallavas had been ruling till they were defeated by the Cholas.

4. He had been living in Mumbai since 1980 but he left it last March.

5. She had been working with Railways for 25 years but she got retirement now.

Keywords which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences :


Few sentences in this tense form :

He had been conspiring.
He had been playing for England.
He had been working for 5 years.
He has been going to America.
He has been missing his daughter.
He has been sending money to his wife.
He has been writing a story.
He has been choosing me as his project-guide.

I had been building a house.
I had been eating a mango.
I had been glazing the vessels.
I had been playing football.
I have been eating a mango.
I have been going to England.
I have been buying a house.
I have been losing my passport.
I have been bringing my certificates.
I have been wiping my car.

It had been cleaving.
It had been creeping.
It has been opening itself.
It has been growing well.
It has been building a nest.
It has been standing on the hill.
It has been living in this house.
It has been standing there for a last five years.
It had been burning.

She had been beseeching him.
She had been binding the book.
She had been digging the well.
She has been working in Germany.
She has been going out.
She has been receiving a letter.
She has been already telling her father.
She has been dancing with James.

They had been construing.
They had been teaching English.
They had been collecting information about the thief.
They have been seeing it.
They have been retaining the movie.
They have been showing the models.
They have been finishing the work.
They have been breaking my leg.
They have been typing their thesis for quite some time.

We had been gambling.
We had been living in Chennai.
We had been selling vegetables.
We had been working in a private company.
We have been finishing our work last week.
We have been coming from England.
We have been buying a new car.
We have been going there with our friends.
We have been hiding money in the bedroom.
We have been threatening your friends.

You have been forgetting it.
You have been writing a letter to your friend.
You have been going to bed.
You have been using it.
You have been managing them.
You have been walking along the road.
You had been convincing.
You had been painting the pictures.
You had been studying in Japan.
You had been walking.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense :

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