Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense :

General Form :

Subject + had + past participle

He + had + gone to Trichy.

We + had + completed the project.

Examples :

1. I had gone to bed when someone rang the bell.

2. The wounded person had already died when the ambulance arrived.

3. When we reached the airport, the plane had already left.

4. We had taken our seats in the hall when the film star arrived.

5. They had reached the station after the train had left.

Keywords which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences :


Few sentences in this tense form :

He had gone to the university.
He had opened the windows.
He had sent a letters.
He had chosen me.
He had gone to America.
He had missed his daughter.
He had sent money to his wife.
He had written a story.

I had come to Ooty last Friday.
I had eaten a mango.
I had served in this office since 1990.
I had written many books.
I had bought a house.
I had brought my certificates.
I had gone to England.
I had lost my passport.

It had caught.
It had stung.
It had withdrawn.
It had built a nest.
It had grown well.
It had lived in this house.
It had opened itself.
It had stood on the hill.

She had been in London.
She had gone to America.
She had played tennis.
She had already told her father.
She had danced with James.
She had gone out.
She had received a letter.
She hadworked in Germany.

They had cleaned it.
They had met before.
They had read all my magazines.
They had sent a cheque a week before.
They had broken my leg.
They had finished the work.
They had retained the movie.
They had seen it.
They had shown the models.

We had arrived in the morning.
We had gone to temple.
We had sat on top of the tower.
We had spent more time at Mahabalipuram.
We had bought a new car.
We had come from England.
We had finished our work last week.
We had gone there with our friends.
We had hidden money in the bedroom.
You had already gone home.
You had done a wonderful job.
You had gone to Singapore.
You had stolen my pen.
You had forgotten it.
You had gone to bed.
You had managed them.
You had used it.
You had written a letter to your friend.

Past Perfect Tense :

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