Past Tense

Past Tense :

  1. He calculated the sum of five fifteens.
  2. He celebrated Diwali with his parents and wife.
  3. He damaged the door made of teak.
  4. He divided the property equally to his children and wife.
  5. He ensured me.
  6. He excused me.
  7. He forced me to drive the car.
  8. He gamed at me.
  9. He heaved a sigh of relief once the show was over.
  10. He hired a taxi to his office.
  11. He ignored my request because he considered it as inferior.
  12. He imagined a lot about what would be there in Heaven.
  13. He investigated the case till the culprit was penalised.
  14. He invited us to his birthday function.
  15. He judged correctly.
  16. He liked coffee.

  17. I calculated the money.
  18. I celebrated Pongal.
  19. I damaged the window.
  20. I divided the poem.
  21. I ensured you.
  22. I excuse you.
  23. I forced you.
  24. I gamed at you.
  25. I heaved a sigh of relief.
  26. I hired a car.
  27. I ignored your idea.
  28. I imagined a lot.
  29. I investigated the case.
  30. I invited you.
  31. I judged properly.
  32. I liked juice.

  33. She calculated the price.
  34. She celebrated Ramzan.
  35. She damaged the glass.
  36. She divided the sheet.
  37. She ensured him.
  38. She excused him.
  39. She forced him.
  40. She gamed at him.
  41. She heaved a sigh of relief.
  42. She hired an auto.
  43. She ignored mo opinion.
  44. She imagined a lot.
  45. She investigated the case.
  46. She invited me.
  47. She judged accurately.
  48. She liked tea.

  49. They calculated the price.
  50. They celebrated Party.
  51. They damaged the house.
  52. They divided the money.
  53. They ensured us.
  54. They excuse us.
  55. They forced us.
  56. They gamed at us.
  57. They heaved a sigh of relief.
  58. They hired a building.
  59. They ignored suggestion.
  60. They imagined a lot.
  61. They investigated the case.
  62. They invited us.
  63. They judged occasionally.
  64. They liked butter milk.

  65. We calculated the price.
  66. We celebrated New Year.
  67. We damaged the parcel.
  68. We divided the chocolate.
  69. We ensured them.
  70. We excuse them.
  71. We forced her.
  72. We gamed at them.
  73. We heaved a sigh of relief.
  74. We hired a jewel.
  75. We ignored you suggestion.
  76. We imagined a lot.
  77. We investigated the case.
  78. We invited you.
  79. We judged rarely.
  80. We liked dosai.

  81. You calculated the cost.
  82. You celebrated Christmas.
  83. You damaged the cup.
  84. You divided the packet.
  85. You ensured her.
  86. You excuse her.
  87. You forced them.
  88. You gamed at me.
  89. You heaved a sigh of relief.
  90. You hired a house.
  91. You ignored his idea.
  92. You imagined a lot.
  93. You investigated the case.
  94. You invited them.
  95. You judged formally.
  96. You liked vada.

Past Tense :

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