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These ROOT-WORDS are PATER & PATR which are the Latin words for FATHER. Many young people, especially those who study Latin, call their fathers PATER and it is certainly preferable to Governor or old man. This ROOT gives us a glimpse into Russian name calling No. 4; to the early Dutch settlement system, No. 16: A Latin phrase, No. 10: The difference between the PATRiot and the PATRioteer.

1. Pater : PATER (pa’ ter) n.

Word for father taken directly from the Latin

2. Patriarch : PATR iarch (pay’ tree ark) n.

The head of the tribe, family

3. Patrimony : PATR imony (pa’ tri mo nee) n.

The estate handed down from father to son

4. Patronymic : PATR onymic (pa tro nim’ ik) n.

The father’s name added to the child’s

5. Patron : PATR on (pay’ tron) n.

A wealthy person who supports a cause or an artist

6. Patronize : PATR onize (pay’ tro nize) v.

To act like a patron of; protect, support

7. Paternity : PATER nity (pa ter’ nit ee) n.

Fatherhood; responsibility of fatherhood

8. Paternal : PATER nal (pa tern’ al) adj.

Relating to the father; as, the paternal side of the family

9. Paternalism : PATER nalism (pa tern’ al iz um) n.

A government which acts as a father to the citizens; a father-child rather than a state-citizen relationship

10. Paternoster : PATER noster (pat’ er nos ter) n.

Lord’s Prayer

11. Patrician : PATR ician (pa trish’ an) n.

One nobly born; aristocrat

12. Patricide : PATR icide (pa’ tri side) n.

The murder or murderer of one’s father

13. Patriot : PATR iot (pay’ tree ot) n.

One who loves and serves his country

14. Patriotism : PATR iotism (pay’ tree o tiz um) n.

Love for one’s fatherland

15. Patrioteer : PATR ioteer (pay tri o teer’) n.

One who waves the flag selfishly

16. Patroon : PATR oon (pa troon’) n.

A feudal lordship under the Dutch in New York

17. Patruity : PATR uity (pa true’ i ti) n.

The relationship of the father’s brother

18. Patriotic : PATR iotic (pay treeot’ ik) adj.

Like a patriot

19. Unpatriotic : un PATR iotic (un pay tree ot’ ik) adj.

Not loving one’s country

20. Expatriate : ex PATR iate (ek spay’ tree ate) n.

One who leaves his country and lives abroad

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