Perseverance is the only way to success.

Perseverance is the only way to success.

Perseverance is the only way to success.

The word perseverance means sticking to a task wholeheartedly until it gets completed. It also means a disciplined approach to a problem with complete involvement of mind and body. All the technological and scientific achievements in this world are the results of the perseverance of a group of very committed people. Sitting simply idle will ruin a man and because of this reason an idle man’s brain is referred to as devils workshop. Most of the times in life the causes of failure are the lack of perseverance and not the lack of ability. Because men hesitate and get discouraged at every small rebuff and consequently they fail to accomplish anything.

The importance of perseverance in life is illustrated by many more such proverbs. Thiruvalluvar has written a whole ten thirukurals about perseverance. He says that when we want to get something which even gods cannot attain we will get it if we make a large number of sincere and honest attempts at it. In other one of his thirukurral he says that even when an elephant is hit by spears in a battle field it moves with more vigor i.e., the more obstacles we face we must work more hardly and try to achieve our objective.

The great scientist Madame Curie who won the Noble prize in both Chemistry and Medicine was rejected by many institutions. She never gave up and worked hard day and night in tiring conditions for a very long period of time and was successful in isolating radium.

Similarly the great inventors like J.L. Baird, J.C. Bose, Alexander Graham Bell and Marconi all were very extremely hard working people who never gave up in their life and all they achieved because of their perseverance.

Practice maketh a man perfect.

The proverb says acquiring knowledge only through books cannot help man in the longer run. When we want to learn swimming we don’t do it by reading books on swimming. We can learn swimming only by getting into the water and practicing it. Perfection can be achieved only through proper practice.

A person like an electrician or automobile mechanic or somebody who is an expert in servicing electronic goods learns the mechanism thoroughly through practice alone. Many times we see such mechanics are far more knowledgeable than people who have a proper degree in the respective fields.

Similarly actors, cooks and artists are people who achieve fame through their constant work and practice. Mere reading will not make a perfect student. A student who practices what he has studied repeatedly can score marks and gains a good rank. Children are naturally instinctive and in childhood they try to imitate the sound made by elders and slowly learn to talk.

Perseverance is the only way to success.


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