picto & pict

These ROOT-WORDS are PICT & PICTO meaning to PAINT and to make a picture. All the words made with this ROOT figure largely in pictures and picture-making of all kinds. You may have a perfectly valid question to ask about the spelling of this root, PICTO and PICT. Why does PAINT have an n and the pictures have c? The Latin verb has both - pingere and pictus.

1. Picture : PICT ure (pik’ chur) n.

A representation through the art of painting, drawing, or photography

2. Pictograph : PICTO graph (pie’ to graf) n.

Writing with pictures or symbols

3. Pictography : PICTO graphy (pik tog’ ra fee) n.

Picture writing

4. Pictoradiogram : PICTO radiogram (pik to ray’ di o gram) n.

A picture transmitted by radiophotography

5. Pictorial : PICTO rial (pik tore’ ee al) adj.

Relating to pictures; as, pictorial style

6. Pictorialism : PICTO realism (pik to’ ri al iz um) n.

The use of pictorial style

7. Pictorizlize : PICTO rizlize (pik to’ ri al ize) v.

To represent by pictures

8. Picture : PICT ure (pik’ chur) v.

Make a mental image; as, I will picture the meeting in my mind

9. Pictural : PICT ural (pik’ tur al) adj.


10. Picture Dom : PICT uredom (pik’ tur dom) n.

The world of motion pictures

11. Picturedrome : PICT uredrome (pik’ tur drome) n.

A moving-picture theater

12. Picturesque : PICT uresque (pik chu resk’) adj.

Just like a picture, as, a picturesque scene

13. Picturesquely : PICT uresquely (pik chu resk’ lee) adv.

In a picturesque manner

14. Picturer : PICT urer (pik’ tur er) n.

A painter

15. Picturesque ness : PICT uresqueness (pik chu resk’ nes) n.

The quality of being like a picture

16. Pictury : PICT ury (pik’ tur i) adj.

Tending to look like a picture

17. Depict : de PICT (de pikt’) v.

To form a likeness; to portray; describe

18. Depicture : de PICT ure (de pik’ chur) v.

To depict; to imagine

19. Depiction : de PICT ion (de pik’ shun) n.

The act of depicting; representing



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